With Bobby TooREX now dancing through the cosmos on a beautiful white swan (wouldn't it be great if that actually happens once we shuffle off this mortal coil..?!) and as such leaving an enormous hole in the live performance of T.Rex songs, we've decided to form a NEW T.Rex tribute supergroup, to be called "Bootleg Bolan".

But why "supergroup" we hear you ask..? Well because, aside us all being a little 'up ourselves' LOL, we've picked out some of the finest T.Rex tribute musicians currently available in the UK to be part of the band. This motley crew of reprobates includes "Stars in their Eyes" finalist Rob Cairns, Ant Cook from Tyrannosaurus Jed and Ian Zapper Francis from TooREX.

Due to the 2020/21 lockdowns however, we have so far been unable to play any shows, or even rehearse very much. But hopefully once things start easing up we'll be able to get out on the road and play some of those wonderful T.Rex songs!


Looking forward to seeing you all in 2022!

T.rex  Mar Bolan by Rob Cairns.jpg

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